08.05.2020 Congratulations Gengqiang and Trace for their review paper in Mutation Research: Xie, G., Walker III, R.R.,& Irianto, J. (2020). Mutation Research. Nuclear mechanosensing: mechanism and consequences of a nuclear rupture.

06.24.2020 In memoriam of Dr. Teng Ma: Bijonowski, B. M., Fu, Q., Yuan, X., Irianto, J., Li, Y., Grant, S. C., & Ma, T. (2020). Biotechnology and bioengineering. Aggregation-induced integrated stress response rejuvenates culture-expanded human mesenchymal stem cells.

06.18.2020 Congratulations Dr. Ting-Yuan David Cheng, University of Florida, for securing the Clinical and Translational Science Institute Pilot Project Award. This collaboration will study the impact of body composition in breast cancer.

03.04.2020 Isabella Leite Coscarella joins the lab as a PhD candidate (co-mentor), as part of a collaboration with Dr. Jose R. Pinto. Welcome Isabella!! Let's learn about cardiac mechanobiology!!

10.02.2019 Welcome Andrew Aarons!! Andrew will pick up bioinformatics for his undergraduate research project.

08.26.2019 Welcome Dhenu Patel!! She'll join us as an undergraduate researcher.

08.15.2019 Farewell Faith!! Thank you so much for your lab management support, we will try to maintain your organization legacy as best as we can!! All the best in Connecticut!!

08.01.2019 Dr. Gengqiang Xie joins the lab as a postdoctoral researcher, welcome Dr. Xie!! Let's do this!!

06.14.2019 Leaving do for Dazhen, Irianto and Wang lab escaped the kidnapping with only 1 hint!! Thank you so much Dazhen and all the best for your PhD program in University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign!!

05.24.2019 Welcome Megan Kavanaugh!! She'll join us over the summer to learn about scientific research.

05.13.2019 Reddick Walker III joins the lab as a lab technician, welcome Trace!! Lots to learn from Dazhen.

04.22.2019 Xin Wang joins the lab as the lab manager, welcome Faith!! We'll be relying on your organization.

03.11.2019 Welcome Hyo Jeong Yong!! She'll rotate in our lab for 5 weeks to do some cancer mechanobiology.

02.15.2019 Jerome was awarded the Florida State University First-Year Assistant Professor Award, which provides fund for preliminary works over the summer of 2019.

10.05.2018 Dazhen Liu joins the lab as a lab technician, first member!!

9.21.2018 Irianto Lab begins in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the Florida State University College of Medicine.

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