03.06.2023 Hyeje Sumajit is officially joining our lab to pursue her PhD training!! Full speed ahead!!

11.22.2023 Collaboration with Dr. Xian Mallory!! Published in Genome Research:

Integrating SNVs and CNAs on a phylogenetic tree from single-cell DNA sequencing data

11.21.2023 Congratulations Olalekan, Sampath, Trace, Gengqiang, and Hyeje!! Published in Molecular Biology of Cell:

Differential modulation of cellular phenotype and drug sensitivity by extracellular matrix proteins in primary and metastatic pancreatic cancer cells

08.14.2023 Welcome back!! Hyeje and Pilar are joining our BMS PhD program, you can do it!! :D

07.28.2023 Ask a Scientist Gaming with Dr. Kenneth Hanson, Dept. Chemistry and Biochemistry, FSU

06.16.2023 Wang-Irianto Micropipette competition, Olalekan is now the Wang-Irianto pipette champion, taking the title from Gengqiang. It was quite competitive!! 

05.19.2023 Welcome Chaity Modak!! Chaity will be pursuing her PhD training in our lab. Let's do this!!!

04.30.2023 Welcome Vidhisha Gautam!! She'll join us as an undergraduate researcher.

04.27.2023 Arcade lab outing at District 850. Instead of kayaking as the storm stopped us. Next time Wacissa!! Irianto lab won btw :)

12.21.2022 Irianto Lab was awarded the Live Like Bella Pediatric Cancer Research Initiative Award from Florida Department of Health. We will evaluate LARP6 inhibitor for the treatment of pediatric glioblastoma. We will collaborate with Prof. Branko Stefanovic.

12.19.2022 Our first research paper published in npj Genomic Medicine:

Genomic heterogeneity in pancreatic cancer organoids and its stability with culture

11.11.2022 Two more pre-print in bioRxiv:

Genomic variations drive phenotypic heterogeneity in pancreatic cancer cells, lead by Gengqiang Xie.

Differential roles of extracellular matrix proteins on primary and metastatic pancreatic cancer cells, lead by Olalekan H Usman.

10.17.2022 Welcome Taylor Gogolen!! She'll join us as an undergraduate researcher.

08.29.2022 Pre-print from our collaboration with Mallory Lab in bioRxiv:  

SCsnvcna: Integrating SNVs and CNAs on a phylogenetic tree from single-cell DNA sequencing data, lead by Liting Zhang (Mallory Lab)

08.19.2022 Big congratulations Olalekan Usman for receiving the 2022 Randolph Rill Awards in Biomedical Sciences for his outstanding scholarship in his BMS graduate program.

07.03.2022 Latest work by Olalekan Usman, Liting Zhang, and Gengqiang Xie is now in bioRxiv

Genomic heterogeneity in pancreatic cancer organoids and its stability with culture.

06.21.2022 Welcome Gabriela De Jesus!! She'll join us as an undergraduate researcher.

06.21.2022 Hyeje Sumajit joins the lab as Research Assistant, welcome Hyeje!! Full speed ahead!!.

04.18.2022 Big congratulations Dhenu Patel for receiving the Goldwater Scholarship from The Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation!!

03.29.2022 Escape room lab outing, barely escaped from the zombie, but got caught by the mad scientist >.<

02.21.2022 Welcome Tomiwa Lawal and Alana Chang!! They'll rotate in our lab to establish CycIF on pancreatic tissue sections, good luck!!

02.05.2022 Congratulations Shiv Patel for winning the Regional Science Fair. Shiv is a high school research volunteer in our lab. He'll be competing in the State and the International Science Fair, with the work entitled "Modulation of LMNA Gene Expression by CRISPRa/i". Good luck Shiv!!

11.01.2021 Welcome Sunmin Kim!! She'll rotate in our lab for 7 weeks to learn cancer biology and microscopy.

10.15.2021 Sediqua Bufford joins the lab as a Research Assistant. Lots to learn from Gengqiang!!

09.07.2021 Welcome Alana Chang!! She'll rotate in our lab for 7 weeks to learn the effect of histone acetylation on nuclear mechanics.

07.16.2021 Last day for Trace, super fun Paintball outing!! Blue team won 4-1. Thank you so much Trace for your crucial contributions to the Lab and all the best for your PhD program in George Washington University!!

07.08.2021 Sampath Kumar joins the lab as a Research Assistant, welcome Sampath!! Lots to learn from Trace.

06.14.2021 Welcome Timothy Daniel Guerriero!! Tim joins us as part of the FSU COM Summer Research Fellowship program, he'll work with Gengqiang over the summer to study cancer mechanobiology.

06.11.2021 Wang-Irianto Micropipette competition, Gengqiang crowned the pipette champion of Wang and Irianto Lab, taking the title from the previous champion Trace, who took the 2nd position this time. Congratulations Gengqiang, keep the bar for accuracy up!!

06.02.2021 Olalekan Usman joins the lab as a PhD student. Welcome back Olalekan!! Let's do this!! Full speed ahead!!

05.12.2021 Welcome Nicole Coca!! She'll join us as an undergraduate researcher. 

03.23.2021 Irianto Lab was awarded William G. "Bill" Bankhead, Jr., and David Coley Cancer Research Program from Florida Department of Health. The goal of this project is to study the impact of the microenvironment on breast cancer genomic instability. We will collaborate with Dr. Xian Fan Mallory.

03.19.2021 Overdue lab outing @ Tallahassee Museum

02.17.2021 Irianto Lab and Roper Lab were awarded The Multidisciplinary Support Grant Program from FSU CRC. The goal of this collaborative study is to utilize microfluidics to study cancer cell migration.

01.25.2021 Welcome Olalekan Usman!! He'll rotate in our lab for 6 weeks to learn about cancer cell migration.

12.20.2020 Congrats Trace for winning a $10 Amazon gift card, as Wang-Irianto Bop it!! champion.  

08.05.2020 Congratulations Gengqiang and Trace for their review paper in Mutation Research:                                                                                                                                                   Xie, G., Walker III, R.R.,& Irianto, J. (2020). Mutation Research. Nuclear mechanosensing: mechanism and consequences of a nuclear rupture.

06.24.2020                  In memoriam of Dr. Teng Ma:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Bijonowski, B. M., Fu, Q., Yuan, X., Irianto, J., Li, Y., Grant, S. C., & Ma, T. (2020). Biotechnology and bioengineering. Aggregation-induced integrated stress response rejuvenates culture-expanded human mesenchymal stem cells.

06.18.2020                  Congratulations Dr. Ting-Yuan David Cheng, University of Florida, for securing the Clinical and Translational Science Institute Pilot Project Award. This collaboration will study the impact of body composition in breast cancer.

03.04.2020                  Isabella Leite Coscarella joins the lab as a PhD candidate (co-mentor), as part of a collaboration with Dr. Jose R. Pinto. Welcome Isabella!! Let's learn about cardiac mechanobiology!! 

10.02.2019                  Welcome Andrew Aarons!! Andrew will pick up bioinformatics for his undergraduate research project.

08.26.2019                  Welcome Dhenu Patel!! She'll join us as an undergraduate researcher.

08.15.2019                 Farewell Faith!! Thank you so much for your lab management support, we will try to maintain your organization legacy as best as we can!!                                                                                       All the best in Connecticut!!

08.01.2019                    Dr. Gengqiang Xie joins the lab as a postdoctoral researcher, welcome Dr. Xie!! Let's do this!!

06.14.2019                    Leaving do for Dazhen, Irianto and Wang lab escaped the kidnapping with only 1 hint!!                                                                                                                                                          Thank you so much Dazhen and all the best for your PhD program in University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign!!

05.24.2019 Welcome Megan Kavanaugh!! She'll join us over the summer to learn about scientific research.

05.13.2019 Reddick Walker III joins the lab as a lab technician, welcome Trace!! Lots to learn from Dazhen.

04.22.2019 Xin Wang joins the lab as the lab manager, welcome Faith!! We'll be relying on your organization.

03.11.2019 Welcome Hyo Jeong Yong!! She'll rotate in our lab for 5 weeks to do some cancer mechanobiology.

02.15.2019 Irianto Lab was awarded the Florida State University First-Year Assistant Professor Award, which provides fund for preliminary works over the summer of 2019.

10.05.2018 Dazhen Liu joins the lab as a lab technician, first member!!

9.21.2018 Irianto Lab begins in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the Florida State University College of Medicine.

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